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Look North – Castleford Community Challenge

Castleford Community Challenge

We have teamed up with Castleford Tigers to create a challenge for all our students, staff and the wider community. Physical activity is vital for everyone’s physical and mental health. With schools and leisure facilities closed and national restrictions in place, it is very difficult to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. The Castleford Community Challenge will provide an opportunity to exercise safely, which will improve everyone’s all-round wellbeing. 

The aim is for us to collectively complete the total distance Castleford Tigers will travel this year for their fixtures (2521.6km). This can be done by running, jogging, walking or cycling. There will be prizes available – students who take part will receive an e-praise, but there are lots of prizes available to anyone from Castleford Tigers and the PE department for the biggest distances!

Here’s how you can enter (please do both if possible)

  • Join the Strava fitness app (free to download) and sign up to our club or search ‘Castleford Community Challenge’ in the clubs. We are running this club through the PE department and are offering leader board prizes. It is open to anyone. Please note – If you are walking, you need to set it to ‘Run’ on the app.
  • Tweet us your progress (photo evidence optional, but preferred) – @CastlefordPE @CTRLFoundation along with the #CasCommunityChallenge. Castleford Tigers will be offering prizes through this.


  • Parents/Guardians must give you permission to download the Strava app or twitter and to post any pictures (students can email their PE teacher their progress instead).
  • Parents/Guardians must give you permission to leave your house for exercise. If you are unable to do so, complete the task in your garden, recording a rough distance.
  • If using Strava – Go in ‘Settings’ – ‘Privacy Control’ – ‘Privacy Zones’. Set a 1km radius around your house to hide your house location.
  • If using Twitter – Do not use your full name. First name and last initial only, eg, ‘John S’
  • Always tell someone your intended route and your expected return time.
  • Only exercise during daylight hours.
  • Dress appropriately for the weather.
  • Keep to the pavement wherever possible while running/walking/jogging alongside roads.
  • Try and exercise with a family member. If you are meeting someone from another household to complete the exercise, you must stay 2m apart.
  • Please remember to exercise in accordance with the latest government Covid-19 guidelines

We hope you enjoy and can’t wait to see your progress!

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