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What happens if I don’t install the certificate?

If you don’t install the certificate, browsers will warn you that there is a potential issue with a certificate for this web site. You have a choice. You can choose to “click-through” the warning, and accept the risk, continuing on to the web site. In most cases this will result in you being presented with either the web site you were expecting or a login page so that you can elevate your filtering privileges using User Based Filtering. The alternative is to not click-through, in which case you will not be able to access the web site. This will happen on all machines until the certificate is installed.

What happens if I can’t install the certificate on my machine?

You do not need “administrator” privileges to install the certificate, however, if your machine is being managed by your ICT team/administrator, it might be “locked down” preventing you from performing the installation yourself. We recommend you liaise with your ICT team and/or technician(s). Ask them to install the certificate for you following either of the two procedures in the appendices (whichever is most appropriate).

Download the Certificate

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