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Trust Safeguarding Statement of Intent

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Castleford Academy Trust Safeguarding Statement of Intent

Castleford Academy Trust is wholly committed to ensuring that all pupils who attend academies within the trust are cared for in a safe and secure environment. To fulfil this commitment, a number of safeguarding arrangements are in place.

Policy and Procedures

All policies and procedures regarding safeguarding pupils will be kept up to date and in line with the current version of Keeping Children Safe in Education. The policies will be accessible to all parents and staff through the school websites. Policies and procedures will be reviewed and revised by the Trust Safeguarding Lead on a regular basis and are reviewed with the Safeguarding Trustee. Safeguarding policies for individual academies can be found on each academy website.

Safeguarding Lead

The Castleford Academy Trust Safeguarding Lead is Mrs Sarah Salmon who is based at Castleford Academy. The Trust Safeguarding Lead is responsible for ensuring consistency of policies and procedures across the trust (whilst accepting that each academy must adapt to its own context) and for reporting to Executive Leaders and Trustees.

Trustees Responsibilities

Trustees are accountable for all legal obligations regarding safeguarding across the trust. Oversight is
delegate by the Board of Trustees, to the Castleford Academy Trust Safeguarding Trustee (Jennifer
McNichol). Castleford Academy Trust is associated with the local Safeguarding Children’s Partnership for Wakefield Authority. Any issues related to safeguarding children will be discussed with this board as required.

Disclosure & Barring Checks

Castleford Academy Trust meets statutory requirements in relation to Disclosure & Barring Service – all
staff and volunteers who work at the trust, who meet the ‘regulated activity test’ (Freedoms Act 2012), is
required to undergo an enhanced DBS check prior to employment.

Single Central Record

Each academy within the Trust will be responsible for maintaining an up to date Single Central Record (SCR) for staff who work at their academy. A Single Central Record for Trust staff, which can be accessed by relevant staff at each academy across the Trust, will be maintained by Castleford Academy.
Designated Safeguarding Leads/Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads The Board of Trustees for Castleford Academy Trust has ultimate responsibility for Safeguarding issues. Operationally, this responsibility is delegated to the CEO, who leads on policy issues in relation to the safeguarding of children and adults at risk across the trust.

Within each academy there are Designated Safeguarding Leads who lead on Child Protection issues within their academy. They are clear about their role, have a job description specific to their DSL role, have
sufficient time and receive relevant support, and training, to undertake their roles, which includes close
contact with outside agencies including social services, the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board and
relevant health care organisations. All DSLs and DDSLs are trained to the same standard.

The safeguarding leads for each academy are:

Castleford Academy
Sarah Salmon
Adam King

Crofton Academy
Sarah Rowe
Richard Pool

Castleford Park Junior Academy
Kathryn Law
Jody Roberts

Three Lane Ends Academy
Delyth Roberts
Sharon Levey

Glasshoughton Infant Academy
Anna Walker
Hilary Coulthurst


All lead DSLs will receive safeguarding supervision from an external provider at least once per half term.
This will take place either remotely or face to face. Lead DSLs will receive supervision training and will
conduct supervision for the staff in their team.


All eligible staff and volunteers are required to undertake relevant safeguarding training and this is regularly reviewed by the safeguarding lead in each academy to ensure it is up to date. A training database for all staff and volunteers is maintained in each academy. As a minimum, each academy within the trust will hold the following staff training on an annual basis:

This will be supplemented with additional training throughout the year linked to Keeping Children Safe in
Education and the local safeguarding context. The responsibility for safeguarding training and record
keeping for Trust staff will lie with Castleford Academy.


Castleford Academy Trust has robust audit checklists to ensure that safeguarding systems and processes
are working. The audit includes: the monitoring of Academies Single Central Record, the monitoring of
Safeguarding Policies and Procedures including, ‘Allegations against Professionals’ and the monitoring of
training for all employees and volunteers, guidance and support.

The Castleford Academy Trust audit will be undertaken in December for reporting in January. When
necessary, academies within the trust will take part in relevant audits with partner agencies including those from relevant Local Authorities.

Castleford Academy Trust Staff

All staff who are directly employed by Castleford Academy Trust will follow the Staff Code of Conduct and
Safeguarding Policy for the academy in which they work. It is the responsibility of each individual member
of staff to be familiar with all of the Safeguarding policies and procedures for their academy.