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The Equality Act 2010 and school

Schools’ duties around accessibility for disabled pupils

Schools and LAs need to carry out accessibility planning for disabled pupils. These are the same duties as previously existed under the DDA and have been replicated in the Equality Act 2010.
Schools must implement accessibility plans which are aimed at:

• increasing the extent to which disabled pupils can participate in the curriculum;
• improving the physical environment of schools to enable disabled pupils to take better advantage of education, benefits, facilities and services provided; and
• improving the availability of accessible information to disabled pupils.
Schools will also need to have regard to the need to provide adequate resources for implementing plans and must regularly review them. An accessibility plan may be a freestanding document but may also be published as part of another document such as the school development plan.

OFSTED inspections may include a school’s accessibility plan as part of their review.

Accessibility Plan


  1. Castleford Academy Trust will take reasonable steps to ensure that disabled pupils are not placed at a substantial disadvantage compared to non-disabled peers.
  2. In considering what is reasonable each academy will take account of:
    • The practicalities of making adjustment
    • Health and Safety factors
    • Academy budget situation
    • The interests of other pupils
    • The need to maintain academic standards
  3. All reasonable steps will be taken to ascertain disabilities of pupils. Consultation with parents and external agencies will determine strategies to support disabled pupils within school. Relevant information will be passed on to staff to ensure staff awareness. This is normally done before transfer.
  4. Staff INSET on particular issues will be arranged as appropriate and as soon as is practicable to ensure staff awareness e.g. use of epi-pen. Staff also undertake training relevant to any on site specialist provision annually.
  5. B.S.L training is undertaken on a voluntary basis for teaching and support staff.
  6. No pupil will be discriminated against by excluding him/her because of their disability. The practice of “reasonable adjustment” is integral to the behaviour policy. Each academies’ behaviour policy, however, covers all pupils; a disability therefore does not preclude a pupil from exclusion.

Access to information

Pupils needing copies of information displayed on the interactive whiteboard will be given printed information.

  1. Handouts and worksheets can be retained by pupils with disabilities.
  2. Notices and letters about school events are displayed on the school’s website.
  3. Pupils with visual impairment will have access to enlarged font as required or facilities to enable them to enlarge work as required.
  4. Teachers will differentiate lessons in order to meet the needs of pupils with specific learning difficulties and to enable them to plan and execute their work.
  5. Teachers and LSA’s are aware of preferences expressed by pupils or their parents.

Making it happen

Each governing body will take responsibility for their academy’s Accessibility Plan, set a clear direction and report on it annually.

The views of pupils and parents will be sought at annual reviews or Education and Healthcare Plan Reviews (EHCs).

How to access the plan

The Trust Access Plan will be available on the website and from any academy office.

Making the academies school more accessible

The table below summarises each academy’s situation:

AcademyMaking the academy more accessible
Castleford Academy• Deaf alerter network is integrated into any new build.
• All buildings on the site have external ramp access or internal access to ground floor classrooms.
• Lift access to the first floor is available in the main block.
• Disabled toilets in all blocks.
• Handrails have been added to assist with small flights of steps (internal and external).
• Reception and Sports Hall have been built to DDA buildings standards.
• Internal ramp installed to enable wheelchair access from the main reception and Sports Hall to Butler Hall.
• Accessible car parking bays in main car park outside Reception.
• External ramp access to toilet block on bottom 3G car park.
• Identified nosings on steps throughout the site for visually impaired.

Planned Improvements:
Improved wheelchair access to the visitor entrance on Ferrybridge Road.
Crofton Academy• Lift access to the first floor of the main and MFL blocks
• Disabled toilets in main, MFL and Old Hall blocks
• All buildings have external ramp access or internal access to ground floor classrooms
• Handrails in place on all flights of stairs and small flights of steps
• Yellow markings on edges of external steps to support visually impaired pupils
• Accessible car parking bays in the main car park outside reception.

Planned Improvements:
Yellow nosings to internal staircases.
Park Junior Academy• All buildings on the site have external ramp access.
• Disabled toilet in main school.
• Improved ramp and handrails to portacabin.
• Wheelchair friendly ground trampoline installed.
• Accessible car parking bays in the main car.

Planned Improvements:
• One room not currently accessible to wheelchairs, ramp to be added.
• Wheelchair access to the main entrance
Glasshoughton Infants Academy• Main entrances on the site have external ramp access or internal access to ground floor classrooms.
• The academy has disabled toilets.
• Handrails have been added to assist with small flights of steps.
• The Building is ground floor level and flat surface throughout school for wheel chair accessibility to all rooms/areas.
• Accessible car parking bays in the main car.

Planned Improvements:
• Monitor staffing levels to ensure needs and EHCP requirements are met.
Three Lane Ends Academy• Ramp access to all classrooms to the rear of school
• Direct access to dining hall
• Disabled Toilet facility
• Baby Change Area
• Handrails to ramps
• External Access Audit
• Identified areas for disabled drop off and pick up

Planned improvements
• New ramp to front entrance rather than steps to enable disabled access to the front of school
• Re painting of step edges and handrails
• New fire doors with large door and slave door for easy wheelchair access

Finance is available through the devolved capital budget which is monitored by the Finance, Risk & Audit Committee.