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Professional Development

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Mission Statement

‘Castleford Academy Trust is an exceptional place to work and has a team of dedicated and committed staff. We strongly believe in developing and nurturing talent by providing opportunities for staff training and development’ George Panayiotou, Chief Executive Officer, Castleford Academy Trust.

At Castleford Academy Trust, we firmly believe in developing high-calibre staff and nurturing talent. We are committed to providing a range of staff development opportunities, partnerships and support to enhance staff skills, talent and expertise within their own academy, throughout the Trust and the across the wider education system. This is outlined in the Trust’s three-year strategic plan and is deeply rooted within our vision ‘Working Together to achieve excellence for all’. Providing effective professional development opportunities is fundamental to the development of exceptional classroom practice, high pupil outcomes and outstanding leadership. Within the Trust we have a core offer within each academy, with activities happening on a weekly, fortnightly or termly basis, as well as a wide range of well-planned professional development programmes which are informed by individual, departmental and academy priorities and regional and national initiatives. We embrace the use of evidence-based research to drive professional development, and ensure that there are opportunities for teachers to share best practice and engage in professional discussion. When planning and delivering professional development we are mindful of staff workload, and take this into account.

Aims and objectives

The purpose of continuing professional development and ongoing training is:

  1. To improve the quality of teaching and learning.
  2. To enable staff to meet their individual objectives as set out in their performance management review.
  3. To facilitate the professional development (PD) of all staff.
  4. To involve all staff in moving the school towards the objectives stated in the academy development plan (ADP).
  5. To provide a systematic approach to development for all staff.
  6. To provide support and advice for staff.
  7. To ensure all teaching staff are able to meet the teachers’ standards.
  8. To promote collaboration and sharing of good practice.

This policy aligns with the Castleford Academy Trust Professional Development Strategic plan.

Key roles and responsibilities

Identifying needs

Provision of professional development and training

Training costs

Repayment of training costs

Leadership and management of professional development

Planning for effective professional development

Build Knowledge

Motivate Teachers

Developing Teaching Techniques

Embedding Practice

Types of professional development activity

Evaluation of professional development activities